Come See How We Are DIFFERENT!

"Come see how we are DIFFERENT!"

It's an's a slogan... it's a call to action...

It's even a dare if you want to have fun with it and feel so inclined.

Ask anyone who stepped inside these doors, or maybe they sent you to us in the first place(wink wink). We are NOT your typical paint store.

Yes, we have paint in abundance and sundries like brushes and rollers, but then the line blurs, fades, maybe even disappears a bit really. Between customers and friends, between "read the can" and "don't worry I am here to help you through this!" between wander around aimlessly and fill your cart somewhere else hoping you got the right tools to " I won't let you leave here without EVERYTHING you need (but sorry no i won't come home and help you, haha)!

It's a level of service you may have never encountered before so prepare yourself! We may be dictatorial, a little bossy, but we know our stuff and we won't steer you wrong or if your already a little off course when you get here, we will do our best to get you on the right track.

So yes, nothing typical here really, just some friendly conversation, tons of knowledge and color expertise.

Sound interesting? Well I invite you (or dare you ) Come, see, just how we are very different here indeed.

If you need to here my wax on more about this... watch this...

Did I lose you? I hope not! And if not "we'd love to have you at our counter"! (more cheesy house made slogans included with purchase)

#paint #customerservice #different

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