You Gotta Start Somewhere...

DECORATING, it can be slightly over-whelming to down-right daunting depending on your skill level.

When you decide to redo a room in your home or that everything in the whole house is outdated, ya hate it and it needs to go NOW!... the wheels begin to spin in motion... the next thing you know you are adrift in a dizzying sea of CHOICES...

"What flooring do I choose?" "comforter or duvet?" "marble or granite?" "white or wood?" "dark or light?" "sectional or sofa?" "do I keep THIS because it was Aunt Martha's or HIS Mother's... or ?" And O...M...G....


O.K., stop... stop for a minute! Deep breaths... use your mantra... let me give you one if you need it...

how about: It's ONLY PAINT.... It's ONLY PAINT.... I know... I know. Better? ok then.

Well it is only paint. But I know it is so much more then that. Paint is kind of the tie that binds. It is the glue that holds the whole room together. That final touch that makes it all just... Come Together.

Maybe there's a way to make all of this easier on yourself. Don't forget we are here to help too! In the store, on a house-call (yes we offer FREE ones when you buy paint here, inquire).

But, as the title of this section says " You gotta start SOMEWHERE..." Well you do. Why not look for something or things around you that strike you... something you own, something you want to. A dream, a picture in a magazine, a painting, a vase, a pillow....etc. etc. Then, gather these ideas around you. Choose a couple.

For example, I personally LOVE to use fabric and wallpaper for this very reason, EVEN if I am not going to use them in the room... sometimes they can make a color palette for not just a room but several or a whole house even! That sounds exciting right?! Good! I love these type of palettes cause sometimes there are the most unusual pairings of colors that really work and I personally am SUPER attracted to that!

So here's what I did: I almost died when i saw the new wallpaper in Bridgehampton by Thibaut and that crewel type embroidery fabric... my heart skipped a beat... it did really... prob should get that checked out! anyways.... so I pulled out the best and some of the brightest colors i saw or close to them in the paper and there was a TON to choose from... so there ya go! These colors could be walls, painted furniture, accent pillows-lamps-vases... but it's a start! You gotta start some where! So this is what I came up with:

Buhrmesters Thibaut Wallpaper Benjamin Moore Color Selections

So, here is an example of how this could break down and how these colors could be used in the home:

The PINK color 1342 Mardi Gras: could be accents like pillows or a vase or even a cute painted

piece like a side table.

The CHARTREUSE color 2150-40 Spring Dust: could be fun poppy walls or what about a sofa or

chairs in a more neutral room?! WOW!

The BLUE GRAY color 2123-30 Sea Star: could be walls or an accent wall. Or what about a

sofa or some bedding?! Fun with the chartreuse or

a neutral!

The NEUTRAL color HC-81 Manchester tan: Great on Walls with bold accents, as a medium rich

ceiling color. Or what about even a cabinet or trim

color instead of white?! Or it could even represent

a neutral carpet, sofa, chairs in a colorful space.

The ORANGE color 2168-30 Orange Blossom: Great for accents! Think pillows ooo... mixed with

that pink! WOW! What about a lamp? Or in artwork

Or even a fun chair in a living room or bedroom or

dining room chair coverings or even dishes!

The GREEN color 566 Bunker Hill Green: Fun wall color for a room like an office or library or an

accent wall in a living room, bed room, or dining room.

Or what about a chest or china cabinet painted that

color?! Wow...I mean... WOW!

The TEAL color 2047-30 Rolling Hill Green: Well what about a dresser? Too obvious? Ok..ok!

What about a whopper of an accent wall? Maybe in

an entry with a gallery of art work on it? Or what

about book shelves (built-in or otherwise)?! Maybe a

a set of chalk painted wooden accent chairs?! Or a

mirror frame?! I have to admit I LOVE this color so!

(ps.- I love the dark royal-lighter NAVY thing going on there too should've pulled a swatch of that too! DARN!)

Does it still all seem overwhelming to you? Maybe a little better? Ok, well start somewhere... find your inspiration.... then LET US HELP YOU! We'd love to! We are here to help you do such things! Use us we are your tools! Let us help you pull colors from the things you love to create

the perfect rooms for a home you are sure to love! So start somewhere! Try not too feel overwhelmed! HAVE FUN! and remember we are here to help YOU!!!



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