White's all right? Yeah it's all right!

Ok. I am going to admit something to you right now...

Confession: I am not a "white person" that is I am not a fan of white colored walls or light colored walls for myself and my own home.

That being said as a color consultant, I have helped many a person choose white, pastel and other light shades over the years and I have grown to appreciate the subtlety and beauty of its simplicity.

But, when the 2016 color of the year was announced by Benjamin Moore, I was a bit shocked and it took me a minute to wrap my mind around it and a while to adjust to the idea of it and embrace it:

SUPER WHITE was the 2016 color of the year! Wow...

image credit: Benjamin Moore

So I let it sink in, soak in, percolate if you will then the brochures arrived... Rooms bathed in a sea of whites and off-whites... some all made up of just light clean shades... some peppered with an accent of bold COLOR...

Again, WOW... (the good kind of "wow".)

(psst... if you click the image below you can get a taste of what I saw)

image credit: Benjamin Moore

I guess, it really shouldn't have come as a HUGE surprise to me... the white wall trend has been gaining momentum for quite a few years and we've been following it closely, which such things as our PINTEREST album "It's all white...yeah it's all WHITE! "

(click the logo below to check that out!)

I guess, what surprised me most was how Bea-u-tiful I felt the rooms in this new inspiration collection were and they spoke to my dark-color-loving soul A-lot more then I thought they would... that was... surprising indeed! Here are a few that made me "oooh" and "ahhh":



image credits: Benjamin Moore

So yeah, WOW!!! Now, I am not saying I am going to run home one night and start painting everything in my home white. I am not really embracing the trend on a personal level brush in hand. To each their own! But, there is a beauty to it undoubtedly... So, yes I have embraced this trend whole-heartedly in the decorating sense and have helped guide many a client in the store to find just the right shade of white for their project... and yes there are a lot to choose from.

Here are some of my tried and true favorites:

1. Intense White by Benjamin Moore

Is it a very pale gray of white with gray in it? Neither? Both? All of the above?

Don't think too hard about it!

All I can tell you is it feels warm & cool at the same time and it is won-der-ful!

This probably my favorite color in our off-white collection! I have sold it for walls, ceilings, and I would love to see cabinets done in it! Gorgeous!

2. Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore

What's the cleanest, brightest white we make?

Well, your looking at it! :)

If you want an ultra-bright white for trim, cabinets, or furniture look...no...further!

I highly recommend this shade for ultra-clean contemporary spaces paired with saturated color and bright hues!

Also, a nice clean pairing to go with our Historical collection and Williamsburg Colors. Think a clean white

mantle on a rich Hale Navy wall or crisp clean white

trim on Timson Green walls.

3. Mountain Peak White by Benjamin Moore

Well, this is a great example of always check the swatches out in person after seeing something on the computer or in print.

Prime example: as I write this and glance over to my chip or mountain peak and then to the image on the computer. I see 2 completely different things!

The reality is: Mountain Peak White is a gorgeous pale creamy white with a hint of YELLOW, but not too much! It is not PINK at all!

That being said, I have seen it used as a beautiful wall color on old plaster farm house walls off-setting a slew of breath-taking

artwork in gilt-gold frames juxtaposed with a

chocolatey brown trim. The walls just had the

softest glow from the hint of cream! YUM!

Besides walls I love this soft warm white with

just a hint of cream for furniture and cabinets

too as well as the soft glow it could lend to a

ceiling if you wanted just a bit more than white.

4. Decorator's White by Benjamin Moore

Then there's decorator's white. It's the white of well decorator's.

It's a shade you will see featured in publications as the designer choice for trim or as a cool contemporary wall color choice.

Benjamin Huntington of Veritate Design says decorator white is his white of choice when he:

" has to do down and dirty..."

We just love him! Check out all the great things he and other designers had to say about their favorite whites at a recent Benjamin Moore

event here:


Such a FUN video! It is always interesting to see

what decorator's tout as there "go to" colors for

their clientele.

And last but not least....

5. Simply White by Benjamin Moore

Here it is the Benjamin Moore Color of the Year! It is a very nice white indeed!

Pale and clean with a hint of cream, Super white is an excellent choice for many different applications.

From walls to trim and cabinets. It is very, very versatile. I can envision it on thick wood moldings, bead-board or other wainscotting... Or what about painted furniture like a bedroom or dining set? Now THAT would be lovely! Wouldn't it?

Simply White is said to have been chosen as the color of the year to, in part, because it changed the least as it transitioned into different types of lighting. Good to know! For more info. on

the color of the year visit our 2016 trends page:


Whew! Well there they are the 5 "go to" whites I'd really like for you to check out and there is only 150+ more shades in our off-white collection! Honorable mentions include: Super White, Cotton Balls, White Dove, Classic Gray, Cloud Cover, White Heron, and Snowfall White. I would have made the list longer but we could be here all day!

So, what about you? How do you feel about white? Are you like me... more of a dark color person than a "white person"? Or were you into dark and now you have stepped into the light? Or maybe you have been a lover of all things white and pale all along! Would love to hear your feedback and feelings on this! It is really interesting all the different opinions people have about this!

Let's get a dialogue going! Join me on FACEBOOK and/or comment in the fb box below! Let's talk! So white? "Love it!" or "Leave it!"???

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