SO in to NAVY! & Is NAVY the New Black?

ahhhhh... Navy!

so many of us adore thee!

Your deep rich blue hue

is both

current and modern


classic and timeless!

From home decor to fashion

your popularity seems to

know no bounds!

And Benjamin Moore Paints has

so many lovely shades of you

that can be put to so many good uses... oh Navy!...

Ok, enough with the love-fest! I guess, it is pretty plain to see how I feel about navy! And I am definitely so far from being alone on this one. Navy is classic without a doubt but the popularity of Navy seems to be gaining momentum over the past couple of years in both fashion and home decor. It's classicism maybe partly the reason for this but also it's versatility. Navy is so versatile and almost has a neutrality to it. But, when one asks the question: "Is Navy the new black?" the answer maybe is based off of more personal opinion than fact and is more complex in nature for certain!

But, before we get to that let's take a look at a few other things first. Maybe they will help you draw your own conclusions, as well.

First, lets look at some of our favorite Benjamin Moore Navy Blues:

symphony blue 2060-10

One of the bolder brighter navies from our color preview collection.

It's a "funner" navy that would work well in more whimsical spaces such as a children's room.


Perhaps, better for low lighted areas where other navies could look dusty or too muted.

old navy 2063-10

A deep rich saturated hue with a bit of blackness to it.

Deep, bold and beautiful. Definitely, a customer and internet favorite.

New York state of mind 805

somewhere between a dark royal and a light navy, this is a go to deep blue we have used again and again.

It is not to bold and not to bright... nor is it really dusty or muted. It's just right.

gentleman's gray 2062-20

this color has a great richness and depth with just a hint of green. which may make it perfect in lighting that drives things to the red side.

It feels both bold and elegant at the same time.

newburyport blue hc-155

this classy navy comes from the historical collection.

Is deep, regal, and oh so sophisticated! Definitely a top pick!

washington blue cw-630

another classic navy from the proud traditional colors that are Williamsburg.

as seen on Pinterest, Houzz, and blogs around the web.

and last but definitely not least.....

hale navy hc-154

this deep rich navy from the historical collection is the most popular navy we sell again... and again... and again...

as seen on houzz, pinterest, and blogs around the web.

it has been the perfect navy for so many people. Is it right for you?

So, where do you use navy?

There are alot of great places to use navy? Which include but are not limited to:

1) Walls

We love the idea of walls bathed in navy. From a fabulous small space like reading nook or a powder room, to an accent wall, to going bold with a whole room full, navy makes a great deep-toned back-drop for bold pieces and more neutral pieces alike!

Afraid to try navy walls? Don't be! Come over to the dark side (more on that another time! :) ) and give navy a try! Check out the photos below and get inspired:

2) Trim & Doors

Navy on trim & doors? Sure! Why not! Colored trim can really make a neutral or white room POP! And a navy door is as classic as well, black.

Just imagine a welcoming navy front door on a pale yellow house or with the traditional clay siding to add some pizzazz! or as trim in a mostly neutral bathroom for something truly special!

For instance, take a look at the room below. That navy door... wow I mean... WOW! Then look again. Can you imagine this room with the navy on the trim and baseboard instead? I can and it's FABULOUS! ;)

3) Furniture and such

So here's another area where we can compare navy and black. There is a lot of surfaces that navy can look just as good as black would. Really quick for me, look up on the page. Did you notice they wire chairs are also finished in the softest shade of navy instead of black? Subtle, but nice right?

Navy furniture is popping up everywhere from retail stores, to photos on pinterest and blogs around the internet as well. Whether it's a navy dresser, chairs, metal bed, or side table. Navy can look both fun or sophisticated depending on the pairing and is a great substitute for black... it is something different without going to far out of the box but just having a little fun and being daring!

As for the "and such" portion of this category, I am including cabinetry and built-ins with furniture. Navy cabinets can look fantastic as well as built-ins like bookshelves. they have the bold sophistication of black with a twist. I personally also like the idea of taking a very traditional color like navy and using it in an unconventional way... safe but daring to be on that line!

Not quite ready to commit? Maybe instead of a whole kitchen of cabinets how about just an island or white on top and navy base cabinets... ok that's more daring! But, what about a powder room vanity?! Or instead of a library of built-in book shelves... what about just a couple of bookshelves in a child's room or office? Or even start with some work-area cabinets in the garage...

Or look at pictures (more on that in a minute) great do these things look painted out in navy?! Don't be afraid, BE BRAVE, and GO BOLD!!! There are so many great shades of navy and we are here to help you with ideas and finding just the right one for you!!!

And, can I just say before we look at the image below (or if you just looked its ok, really go ahead I will wait! ) that I love, Love, LOVE! the idea of navy furniture outdoors too!

Again, the feel is classic but something special at the same time. I mean those chairs down there (did you look yet?) (go ahead) they could be black or white or wood but navy... that's just a little outside of the box! Nice!

Still not sure about navy? Need a little or A LOT more inspiration? Check out our pinterest page aptly titled: In the Navy! for over 500 pins about this very subject by clicking the logo below:

Ok, so back to our original question du jour : Is navy the new black?

There is a part of me that says in some cases YES! Especially from a fashion/ and decor standpoint. Personally, my navy dresses have become a great neutral base and have replaced the little black dress for me as the fashion staple. A neutral base, as i previously said that I can then accent with a variety of colors. And I think that for me that is the biggest thing. The common thread between navy and black seems to be this base, this great sophisticated depth and neutrality they both possess. It is this thing I think that makes them somewhat interchangeable.

So let's look at some colors quickly that pair well with Navy because of it's neutrality:

A pale buttery yellow like

lemon chiffon OC-109

A rich dusty lavender like

tropical dusk 2117-40

A funky brighter olive like

Jalapeno pepper 2147-30

A soft sky blue like

785 morning glory

A fun bright yellow like

limon 334