Q&A the Buhrmester's way: So, How do I "remodel" my kitchen with paint???

September 9, 2016

So, that's a really really great question!


And it couldn't have come at a better time since Kitchen Week at Buhrmester's is almost upon us Sept. 12th-17th here at the store 10-4 daily! More info here: http://www.buhrmesterpaint.com/workshops-demos


Now, I have questions for you, yes you. Is your kitchen in need of a little or a alot of help? Does it look outdated, run-down, tired, just not as good as it use to? Would you love to remodel but your budget is moderate to super tight or would your just rather spend thousands of $$$ on something else? If you feel like your shaking your head "yes" to alot of this stay with me and read on.


Whether your just starting out and this is your first place or you've lived there 40 years and you just want to spiff things up in a budget-friendly way so you have more money to spoil those grandkids and enjoy your retirement... a low-cost paint-based remodel may be just the thing for you!!!


Paint can do wonders! Let's start from the top and work our way down to the bottom!


1. The ceiling


   things are looking up when it comes to the ceiling of a room! Lets go beyond just plain white a little color on the ceiling could go a long way to adding a little extra architectural interest to a room using just paint as your material below or give a little something extra to spice up a room where you have opted to do white cabinets.


Let's take a look at an example below:

 Sure this room could have just a white ceiling but the blue really adds just a little something extra don't you think? See more colored ceilings at our pinterest board: What a great feeling put some color on the ceiling. It's just full of great painted ceiling ideas for kitchens and more! 


Click the pinterest logo to check that out!










2. The Walls


   Don't forget the wall color can have a huge impact in the kitchen just like any other room! The difference is: in a kitchen where there is less wall space the wall color chosen may be able to be darker or bolder then colors used in another room to really add contrast and interest in wall areas that may be few and far between and not as abundant as they would be in another room of the home. Check out a great example of this below of rich deep walls:

 Also, check out this brave bold color example:































So, don't be afraid! Fear not going deep or bold on kitchen walls... It could pay off BIG! Offering great contrast to white or light cabinets and medium and neutral value tones of other kitchen materials like tile, countertops and of course those cabinets!


and now on to the probably the most impactful  item you can paint in your kitchen:



3. The Cabinets


   If I had a dollar for every person who comes in to paint there cabinets in the last year my wallet would be getting pretty full! and speaking of wallets that, I think is why the band wagon for painted cabinets is getting jumped on all the time and continues to get fuller and fuller: the savings! Countless people have come to us for product and expert project advise after getting estimates for new cabinets or even just refacing there existing cabinets and getting new hardware. The reason? COST!


Let me break it down for you (and I am being super generous!):


                                                stix bonding and adhesion primer:  approx. $50  per gal


                                                cleaning prep products:   approx. $15


                                                application tools (roller/brushes):  approx. $20


                                                advance paint: approx. $47 per gallon


                                     ------------so here let's subtotal-----------------------


                                                      subtotal: $132.00 plus tax                                    


                                               decorative (i.e. glazing): (optional) $35


                                               new hardware: (knobs, hinges, pulls) $250 (?)


                                 ------------------GRAND TOTAL----------------------------


                                                     $417 plus tax!!!



So, now price kitchen cabinets... or if you have what do you think about that?! Pretty great huh?!

much less if your cabinets are 10 years plus and probably well-constructed and made of solid wood investing in reusing them is a great idea!


And cabinets can be just white, cream, or black but there is so many more options we can show you! Like gray or navy or other colors (see below). Let us help you find your perfect color!



























We would love to show you all the right prep and products to make your cabinet painting project a success! In the video below ray covers some suggested prep you should do before painting your cabinets:


And the next topic is probably not one you would at first think of when it comes to painting in your kitchen but we are creative like that!



4. The Back-splash


   when using paint to remodel your back-splash in the kitchen there are couple difference ways to achieve this:


One way is to use a stencil to create a back-splash design as illustrated in our first photo: 


Another great idea for a painted back-splash is to install paint-able wallpaper then jazz it up with the color of your choice!

                                                                                                 image credit: Brewster Wallcovering



Another great idea is painting or staining wood or bead board and using it as an inexpensive back-splash alternative. As shown below:


                                                                                         image credit: aspottedpony.com


                                                                             image credit: http://kedvencotthon.blogspot.com


And let's now forget...


4. The countertops


    Countertops can be painted too! Our favorite thing for that is Giani Granite! Watch this:


 It's pretty easy with this kit and affordable as most kitchens only take 1 kit and a kit just $75!

tell me someplace you can get great new custom counters for that?! FAB! For more info. visit our webpage:




now for another bit of a more avant-garde thing to paint in the kitchen...


5. The floor


If you have linoluem or wooden floors in your kitchen it is possible to paint them! Exciting i know right?! let us walk you through just the right products and prep here at our store! Yet another big money saving idea here! It's a fun idea that looks great!


                                                                                        image credit: sallypreston.blogspot.com




































                                         image credit: Nora Fleming via design*sponge



6. The island (or if you don't have one make one?!)


   paint your kitchen island a fun color or a deep rich color like red! See the island going red on this video for our chalktique chalk paint!


A colored island would look great even if other cabinets are black, white or natural wood. 

Don't have an island? Well make one! Using a piece of old furniture is a great idea and one of the ways to do this.





































                                                             image credit: BHG.com



And last but not least...


7. Kitchen Furniture (table& chairs, stools ect.)


   Don't forget instead of shelling out a big budget for new kitchen furniture that good 'ol solid and sturdy pieces you own or find junking can be painted. It may be as simple as a fresh coat of black or gray or a bolder color offering.





























                                               image credit: sugar SCOUT via etsy.com




































                                                     image credit: shescraftycrafty.com



   Well, thanks for hanging in there! and hopefully you got some great ideas! Please, come in to our store and let us help you develop a set of very personalized ideas for your space and your budget kitchen remodel using paint or any other related projects.


   And if you can please attend our kitchen week september 12th thru the 17th, 2016 and  for more info.  on all that check our website www.buhrmesterpaint.com.


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Q&A the Buhrmester's way: So, How do I "remodel" my kitchen with paint???

September 9, 2016

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